Interview with Brian Larson

Why did you decide to accept a job offer from a Polish company?  

Brian Larson: Good question.  At first, I wasn’t seeking a new job, but when I found out about this opportunity at Billennium, I was simply curious about the position and the company; and I went into the initial meetings with an open mind, so that I could learn about the company and strategy that is being deployed.  As I learned more and more about Billennium during the interview and evaluation process, I found the following to be very appealing:


Billennium is a rapidly growing organization, with a bright forecast and potential for accelerated growth over the years ahead.  It is always more interesting and exciting to be part of a growing organization.

During the interview process I got a sense of the company’s values, including teamwork, high energy, and truly valuing its people.

The opportunity to play a leadership role in the start-up of Billennium’s U.S. subsidiary is very exciting.


You’ve just spent a week with us in Billennium Lublin and Warsaw. How have you found it? 

BL: First of all, I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with everyone.  You all made me feel very welcome and at home.  When I wasn’t in meetings, I was able to play tourist in Warsaw and Lublin, soak in some of the local culture, and enjoy the Polish cuisine.  I look forward to coming back again when the weather is a bit warmer, but overall, the trip exceeded my expectations!

What has surprised you the most about Poland? 

BL: This was my first trip to Poland, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I saw was a very modern, technologically advanced, vibrant culture.  And the old town areas of both Lublin and Warsaw are beautiful.  The 80s/90s party was a nice surprise.  I really enjoyed how much everyone got into it and celebrated.

Why do you think that Polish IT services and specialists could be attractive on the US market? 

BL: Poland is developing a strong reputation for providing high quality IT services and expertise at attractive rates.  The market for Managed Services and related IT services is enormous.  And organizations – especially large, international companies – are seeking the types of expertise that Billennium offers.

What do you believe Billennium’s advantages are on the IT market?

BL: I saw first-hand while I was there that the knowledge base is strong, and there is a passion for taking good care of the clients.  The competitive advantage is made up of a combination of expertise, quality, service and attractive pricing.  The Billennium Squad delivers!


Thank you for the interview!


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