Billennium Paperless

Billennium Paperless is an IT platform designed to allow seamless facilitation of business processes and paper flow within the company – both in the administrative and sales departments.

Billennium Paperless Ensures:

  • Streamline the support for your Clients,
  • Reduce the costs of running a business,
  • Security and safety of valuable information.

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Billennium Elements

A complete platform of the Business Process Management class which allows for digitization and control of key processes. Improve efficiency while reducing operating costs in your organization.

  • Full control of business processes
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Fast and reliable flow of information


A mobile application designed by our company that can be used to pay bills. This powerful app allows your bills to be paid securely, automatically and always on time!

  • Your bills are stored safely and securely in one convenient location,
  • Savings and predictable cash-flow on the side of service providers,
  • Go green and reduce paper use!



HR Billennium

A tool that supports recruitment departments in quick and efficient recruitment processes while maintaining the highest level of data safety and compliance.

  • The candidate data entry time is reduced to a minimum by directly uploading entire files to the system,
  • Modern data safety systems,
  • Tool flexibility – content and features can be adjusted to the organization’s specific needs, all with a user-friendly interface.

Mobile applications

We design and develop high-end, dedicated mobile applications for the most popular systems.

A few of our previous projects:

  • A mobile guide to the Warsaw Uprising Museum,
  • A guide to the Open’er Music Festival,
  • Applications for learning languages,
  • Price comparison search engine.


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