ABSL Round Table – Reskilling to remain future proof

Our top priority is creating new Learning & Development possibilities for experienced candidates coming from multiple sectors. We believe that Reskilling Academy will result in attracting talents who want to shape the future of sector's business landscape, a common empowerment and a networking platform to advance women leadership representation within leading business organisations.

ABSL Round Table – Reskilling to remain future proof

19th September 2019, Billennium Office
Mangalia 2A Str., Warsaw

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Czas trwania
Temat Prelegenci
9.00-9.30 [30 min] Networking Breakfast
9.30-9.45 [15 min] ABSL welcome
09:45-10:00 [15 min] Future of Education

Prof. Tomasz Rostkowski SGH

10:00-10:20 [20 min] Systemic approach to automation process of employee’s reskilling in the organization through use of high-end technology


10:20-11:20 [60 min] Round Table Discussion

Table topics:
1.What roles can be developed in the framework of reskilling? – how much time should be designated for reskilling for a given role? – what base skills are required for the candidate to be suitable for reskilling?
2. What risks should be addressed in building the Academy?
3. Reskilling vs. Recruitment
4. Target groups – where you see potential
5. Potential vs. hard skill. How to assess the potential of candidates for a given role? – do you have experience? – do you have a methodology?

11:15-12:00 [45 min] Group Presentation
12:00-12:30 [30 min] Summary and Discussion


  • Prof. Tomasz Rostkowski SGH

  • Emplocity

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